Appearance Schedule

To book Jay Piscopo for school and library visits, please contact Tami Burke at

May 7, 2016
Free Comic Book Day
Jay will be at Bull Moose in the morning and Casablanca Comics in the afternoon doing free superhero sketches

June 4, 2016
Portland Public Library
Portland, Maine

June 11, 2016
10:00 - 6:00
Concord, New Hampshire

October 23, 2016
Portland, Maine


Booklist Review of The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli - Volume 2

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A brief recap of the events in the first volume leads directly into the action as young Eli and Commander X arrive in the undersea city of Aquaria after the Commander rescues the boy from a time vortex. Eli learns about the history of the undersea cities (including Atlantis) just as the Hydrons that assailed him and his companions in the time vortex attack Aquaria. Eli works to defend Aquaria, even as Commander X is captured by the attackers. The past plays a strong role in what occurs in the present, familial loyalties and betrayals cause repercussions throughout the undersea world, and Eli learns that his own jaunt 5,000 years into the past has many consequences. While the first graphic novel spent a lot of time introducing characters and seemed overly wordy, this volume is an action-packed, fast-paced story full of derring-do. Piscopo again blends 3D-style art with traditional cartooning and updates old-fashioned adventure storytelling for today’s young readers.

— Kat Kan

The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli
v.2: The Mystery of the Sargasso Sea
Piscopo, Jay (author). Illustrated by Jay Piscopo.
Nov. 2008. 112p. Nemo, paperback, $9.99 (9780981713212). Grades 3-5. 741.5. REVIEW. First published June 16, 2009 (Booklist Online).

Ordering information for The Undersea Adventures of Capt'n Eli all ages graphic novel series at this link.