Appearance Schedule

To book Jay Piscopo for school and library visits, please contact Tami Burke at

May 7, 2016
Free Comic Book Day
Jay will be at Bull Moose in the morning and Casablanca Comics in the afternoon doing free superhero sketches

June 4, 2016
Portland Public Library
Portland, Maine

June 11, 2016
10:00 - 6:00
Concord, New Hampshire

October 23, 2016
Portland, Maine


Seven by 6 | Seven Seas; Seven Superheroes

Seven by 6 | Seven Seas; Seven Superheroes
by Michael May
March 16, 2011

Read the full write up at this link.

MTV Geek recently ran a list of their 7 Best Superheroes of the Seven Seas and it got me thinking, as these things are designed to do. I love ocean-adventure comics and appreciate the topic, but on a list of superheroes, I think we can do better than One Piece and Last Airbender. Those are great characters; they’re just not superheroes. Superhero comics are full of fantastic, undersea heroes, so this is my list. To open up spots for some lesser-known (if not exactly obscure) characters, I decided to leave off the obvious Sub-Mariner and Aquaman. We can agree that they deserve to be here; I’m just not confident that I have anything new to say about them. I worried at first about picking seven characters for a Six by 6 column, but since the precedent has been set…here they are in reverse order:

7. Triton
6. Marine Man

5. Sea Ghost is probably the most obscure character on this list, but he’s also one of the coolest. Spinning out of Jay Piscopo’s The Undersea Adventures of Capt’n Eli, Sea Ghost is as an homage to Space Ghost and other classic Hanna-Barbera characters and concepts.

Piscopo’s put a lot of thought into Sea Ghost and Capt’n Eli’s world. Though it’s a relatively new series, the allies and villains all have back-stories that give everything a sense of grandness, like every story is a special event. Even if you don’t know who Commander X and Lord Hydro are, seeing them team up with or fight against Sea Ghost is almost as exciting as if you’ve grown up with these characters and been waiting for this battle your entire life.

4. Mera
3. Namora
2. Marrina
1. Abe Sapien

So that’s my list. What’s yours? Any great, sea-based superheroes that I didn’t mention?